16 January 2017

‘Poeteka - Tirana In Between 2017’ - Writers and Literary Translators Residence

Call for applications


 The Residence's Programme for Writers and Literary Translators 'Poeteka - Tirana In Between 2017', is launched again for the fifth following year.


The Residency is organized by POETEKA (a cultural association in Tirana, which is active since 2004 as a Literature Festival, Literary Review and Publishing House) in cooperation with the TRADUKI Literary Network as well as in partnership with Albanian Ministry of Culture and other local partners.

The Literary Residence Programme is open to welcome fiction writers, poets, literary translators, essayists, playwrights and screenplay writers from Southeast Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosova, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia and Slovenia).

We are particularly paying attention in writers who are innovative, who handle in their works contemporary thematic and topics, or translators who work to and for the languages contained in translation program of TRADUKI European Network for literature and books.


The residential scholarships are available in the Spring and Autumn season of the year 2017, starting from March 15th.


The fellowship for the writers includes:

- 4 week stay in an apartment in Tirana (the apartment is located in one of the areas that still kept the spirit and the traditional lifestyle of the Albanian Capital)

- international travel costs cover up by the organiser

- expenses-contribution to cost of living € 800 per each fellowship

- a Wi-Fi internet connection

- a cell‐phone with Albanian SIM card (for the duration of the stay)

and other common facilities necessary for normal living and working activities.


The application consists of:

1 - a bio-bibliography – a short curriculum vitae (CV) and art life, including the list of the works published (in Albanian or English– max. half page);

2 - a synopsis of the project to be undertaken during four week staying in Tirana (max. half page);

3 - the full address (phone number and e-mail address);


The applications should be sent via e-mail in the following addresses:





The deadline for the applications is:

February 15, 2017.


Only the winner applicants will be informed about the decision of the Jury by e-mail latest by March 01st 2017.

The fellowships will be awarded by an international qualified Jury, consisting of individuals with experience in literature.

The list of winners will be also pubished in our Face Book Page (Poeteka Albania) and in its web: http://poeteka.blogspot.al

 (To make the process easier, applicants may annotate also the convenient months, if would be declared as an eventual winner.)


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