18 December 2015

EUROZINE < > POETEKA: Now and again we dream of Europe / Issue 36 (2015)

POETEKA NË EUROZINE - mes revistave kulturore të rëndësishme europiane

Now and again we dream of Europe / Poeteka 36 (2015)

Arian Leka, Et'hem Haxhiademi, Ylljet Aliçka

In Poeteka (Albania), Arian Leka recalls how, in 1966, communist Albania outlawed religion and demolished churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship. The name given to him by his parents was nowhere to be found on the official list of names permitted for new-borns. His teachers would force him, as a "leftie", to convert and write exclusively with his right hand.

And yet, in recounting the bare facts of his life, Leka becomes uneasy. Could it be that even a straightforward desire to grasp the shifting parameters within which identity is moulded risks becoming an insatiable appetite for instant attention, one of the dominant drivers of contemporary culture? Leka recalls Milan Kundera's question about dissident life in Czechoslovakia: are today's dissidents only trying to win the hearts of tomorrow's judges?

Dissident literature: Half-a-century after his tragic death in the notorious prison of Burrel, Poeteka publishes a series of articles on Et'hem Haxhiademi (1902-1965), the Albanian playwright, essayist and poet. Haxhiademi was branded an "enemy of the people" and his idiosyncratic voice silenced under the communist regime. His play Skanderbeg (republished in this issue) was named after the renowned national hero, a fifteenth-century nobleman; it tells of how Skanderbeg, as an army commander, pardons an act of betrayal by his general.

TV and communism: Author and scriptwriter Ylljet Aliçka remembers the tactics commonly employed during the 1970s in order to access one of the limited number of small screens in the country. Befriending the right people was essential; being liked by their parents and other family members helped; and knowing what presents to give to whom in the overcrowded but welcoming households tended to clinch the deal. Such "subscriptions", however, would likely last only a single football match.

The full table of contents of Poeteka 36 (2015)

Now and again we dream of Europe / Poeteka


Arian Leka
I'm nobody! Who are you?
Albanian literature

Petraq Risto
12 poems
Ilir Kalemaj
11 poems
Natasha Lushaj
1 short story
Valbona Bozo
2 short stories
Foreign literature

Alain Bosquet
15 sonets 
translated from the original in French by Edmond Tupja
Wiclava Szymborska
9 poems 
translated from the original in Polish by Pandeli Çina
Jurij Hudolin
11 poems 
translated by Fadil Bajraj

Ylljet Aliçka
Lufta e pamëshirshme për të parë televizor
The ruthless war for watching television
Roland Gjoza
Çerek-ëndërr amerikane
A quarter of an American dream
Përballë tekstit

Face to face with the text
Dan Coman
10 poems Rumanian - Albanian
translated by Kopi Kyçyku
Studies - Albanology

Violeta Murati
Shmangje e gabime në transmetimin e tragjedisë "Neomenia" të Santori-t
Deviations and errors in transmitting the tragedy "Neomenia" of Santori.
In memoriam

Et'hem Haxhiademi - Dossier

Kronologji e veprave
A Chronology of the works
Anton Cefa
Et'hem Haxhiademi: Klasicisti i letërsisë shqipe - Profil letra
Et'hem Haxhiademi - the classicist of Albanian literature: Literary profile
Jozef Radi
Pak rreshta për "Lyrën" dhe Haxhiademin
Some lines for "Lyra" and Haxhiademi
Et'hem Haxhiademi
Parathanëje Lyra - Poezi (1939)
Fragmente nga tragjeditë
Shënime mbi jetën T'ime
"Lyra" preface and poems (1939)
Fragments of tragedies
"Notes from my life"
Emin Et'hem Haxhiademi
Natë Dimri...
"Winter night"
Hortensia Haxhiademi - Pëllumbi
"Do ju duhen 50 vjetë ta prodhoni nji si unë!
"It will take 50 years to make one like me!"
Ad honorem

Naim Kryeziu
Elias Canetti 
Unë e kapa për fyti shekullin tim
"I grabbed by the throat my century"
Review on contemporary literature of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe
Enes Karić, Nikola Madzirov, Edo Popović, Tomaz Šalamun, Nikola Madzirov, Renato Baretić, Vladimir Arsenijević, Luan Starova, Jovan Nikolaidis, Jasmina Topić, Emir Imamović Pirke, Srdjan Srdić, Georgi Gospodinov, Daša Drndić, Drago Jančar, Ognjen Spahić, Bojan Krivokapić, Andrej Nikolaidis, Elena Prendjova, Vasko Popa, Barbara Pogaćnik, Milorad Pavić, Robert Perišić, Dan Coman, Dušan Čater.



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